Life comes with no guarantees!

Well maybe it does when you hear that a friend has now just become a Grandad. No, I don’t mean we all have kids but perhaps there are two guarantees…we are born and we die. In between what we make of it is up to us…….

So what have you done in your life that came with no guarantees, for me there has been lots.

Old couple walking in the snow.

Old couple walking in the snow.

Had a relationship!
I looked at this photo and see a couple walking together through the snow, supporting and caring for each other. Have they been together years, or could this be a new relationship after they have both lost other partners.
We go into relationships hopeful, happy, looking forward to a future and yet it may not work out that way.
There is no guarantee.
I’ve had a few long term relationships and they have broken down.
This time I let the law of attraction work for me. I wrote down all the great qualities I wanted my next partner to have. I put the paper way and  promptly forgot about them. About 6 months later I stopped and realised that the guy who was interested in me, matched my law of attraction notes!

Learning to drive

Learning to drive, a huge risk at 30 years old!

Learning to drive!
Was there a guarantee that you would pass?
I didn’t even attempt to learn to drive till I was in my 30’s. Why, well I was too busy listening to my partner at the time who liked me to believe that I was too thick and slow to be able to learn! Then I got a job where I had to learn to drive. I was also with a group of people who were motivated, confident, assertive and they believed in me.

It was time to switch who I listened too.
I took my lessons and passed first time!
Again no guarantees, I just found my way to do something I really now wanted to do. It was time to switch off that negative voice!

Buying a house

That ‘ getting a mortgage feeling’.

Taking out a mortgage!
How scary is this one to do and again there are no guarantees. OK, you can take out payment protection plans, but often they end up not paying out as you expect.
I was in my mid forties. Divorce going through and no where to live. I had a job in the government and felt secure for life. A business that I ran which had been going 10 years and no reason why it should change. Financially I was set up to mortgage to the hilt and get a place in the town I love. Then, no guarantees, ill health took a huge swipe and over a period of time I lost the ability to work and to run my business. The mortgage and home were looking risky.
I’ve looked at the situation again. I bought a good place, the rental from it will be really good. I don’t have any ties here so I’ve got the chance to move to pastures new.
That mortgage that could be a millstone, has now become my freedom as my life and my goals have changed.

Always had the perfect holiday!

Always had the perfect holiday!

Taking a holiday!

Yes, some guarantees here, such as insurance, doing your research, asking for recommendations, using trip advisor……..
Yet, do we always have the perfect holiday?
I fell foul of that one on a trip to the caribbean. It became the total holiday from hell and I almost had a break down. In fact I was so bad the holiday rep thought they would refuse to let me on the plane home as I was so broken down by tears.
Yet has that stopped me holidaying again? No. It did take a bit of persuasion for me to book another one but ‘I did it’. Sometimes the only answer when facing up to a gremlin is to ‘Just do it‘ and to prove to yourself you can face any challenge and get through it.

So, I’ve shared some of my survival techniques that have got me through life to this stage.
If you want to share yours, I’d love to hear them.

About recoveringme

Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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