Wearing red again.

I guess that this might not seem significant to most of you but to me this is a huge step forward.

Wearing red. I can see here the effect low thyroid was having on me.

Wearing red. I can see here the effect low thyroid was having on me.

I decided the other day to wear my favourite red jumper. I then realised that the last time I wore it was November 2009. Yes I’ve worn red since but then actually looking back I found it hard to remeber the last time, so I did a trawl through my photos and found this one.
It was taken April 2010, I’d been diagnosed with low thyroid in Feb 2010 and even though on T4 medication I knew I wasn’t getting any better.
I can clearly see the effect the illness was having on me. I’d piled on a lot of weight, my arms look flabby and I know now that the poor skin condition was due to poor lymphatic drainage.
My eyes have shrunk into my head as the puffiness from a low thyroid was taking over.
Also my smile is forced, there is no energy behind it, just as I had no energy for life at all.

I remember that day well, we had gone to Yorkshire to do some family research. Normally I would have been the one offering to drive, as I love driving, yet on this day I was more than happy to sit back and let my partner drive.
Even then I knew something was wrong as everything was just passing by so quickly and looking out the window irritated me. I found the best cure was sunglasses.

From then on I found that wearing red just drained my energy, so it was better to avoid it.
Red for most of us means strong, passionate, action, drama. These had all become things in my life that I had to avoid. All of these things made my illness CFS/ME worse.
How could I stimulate vitality and energy by wearing red when I had absolutely no enery to give!

The chakras and the human body.

The chakras and the human body.

Yet there was more to red as I was about to discover.

I’ve mentioned earlier about how colour therapy helped me. It’s looking back now that I realise the warning signs of my adrenal gland and endochrine (thyroid) failures were being shown to me by my reluctance to no longer wear my favourite colour ‘RED’.

Your chakras can show you what is wrong with you. The base chakra, around your lower pelvic area supports your adrenal gland, an important gland in the endochrine system. With it being out of line I started to show symptoms such as dizzyness, fatigue, dry skin and hair. I found life a struggle, it became all about self -preservation and I seemed more moody.

I had to find a way to release the blockages through conventional medicine and also I found yoga helped a lot.
Back bends to release energy through my body, shoulder stands and twists became a part of my daily wake up routine.

Yet now, today I feel like celebrating as today I want to wear my favourite red jumper.

A huge achievement for me, it means that my adrenal support, my thyroid medication is working. Supporting it with yoga, good food and no stress is all making a difference.

Today 18th January. I celebrate my big step forward, for me……..

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Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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1 Response to Wearing red again.

  1. Terry says:

    Well done, Gill: a great step forward! I just hope that I can also make the some GP progress re low Thyroid (or whatever else that might be causing my problems), but fighting the NHS/GMC lunacy in refusing to acknowledge that most of the rest of the educated medical world believes that TSH bloods are spelling danger when found to be above 2.5 units, is very frustrating! T x

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