Time to move forward into 2013

I have been truly inspired by the photography of a friend of mine, she really is a talented lady that I thought I would ask her permission to share her pictures and the thoughts that they evoke in me. Thank you Helena for agreeing. So here is the first.

This one brings me to the start of the new year when its time to put things into perspective. We often make resolutions at the start of the year and then by mid January the resolution has gone out of the window. This year I’ve decided to start thinking about resolutions only when I have got perspective in my life!

Perspective by Helena

Perspective by Helena

This photograph bought me to the idea that making a resolution whilst drunk at Midnight is not the right time to say ‘I will give up smoking’ or I will lose 10lbs’ Why? have you really appreciated what you are saying, how you will do it? –  and ( I feel another picture coming into this blog!)

How will you stand firm against all the negative voices in your own beliefs system
or lack of support from family and friends!

Standing firm against the odds by Helena
Standing firm against the odds by Helena


Join me now in thinking about your new Year Resolution, it’s never to late too start one.


  • Focus on your inner being and prioritise what you want from life.
  • Which areas in your life do you want to improve the most.
  • Will this change bring you happiness, peace, joyfulness, fulfilment or satisfaction?
  • Describe what it is that you desire. Is it improvement in your relationship, job, finances, attitude, spirituality or is it really specific like stopping smoking or losing 10lbs?
  • What motivation and determination do you have to change this one thing. If you have none, then start again as without motivation you are unlikely to succeed.
  • Why do you want to make this change?
  • Write down the change you want, the reasons for it (your motivation) and how this will positively affect your whole life.
  • Sit quietly for 5 minutes and visualise your world as thought you have achieved the change. In the new world, how are you acting, what are you thinking. What do you see around you and what are the amazing sights and smells.  When you have finished visualising, write these thoughts down as well.
  • Now sit again and feel the positive emotions you have at the thought of success in achieving your change.
  • Decide on the first 3 small steps you are going to take today and tomorrow to set you on the path to success. Write them down.
  • Finally read out what you have written as to what the change you want to make is, your motivation, how life looks when you have achieved and the positive feelings the change will give you.

You have now just invited the mind to help you achieve and you are no longer alone in going for your dreams

Here’s to 2013


About recoveringme

Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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One Response to Time to move forward into 2013

  1. recoveringme says:

    I later found out the photographer was Kevin her husband. Helena is the patient wife by his side as Kevin indulges in one of his passions…photography.

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