Am I good enough?

We had just finished decorating and whilst we are no experts, we had done a great job. The place looked amazing and as we admired the work I was hoping for at least a ‘thank-you’ or ‘ you really made a difference here’, maybe ‘ I could not have done it without your help’. Instead I got

‘ I’ve ruined these shoes doing this decorating and I’ll never get another pair so comfy!’

Sorry to say, but I nearly flipped until I remembered that I never say something bad and that I always find the positive in all that goes on around me. So I pondered and thought about what it told me about himself and all the hard work I’d put into decorating his home! Not a home we shared but one that he lives in and will continue to do so when I move on…….
Was it that my efforts were not important to him, but his appearance was!
Maybe that he took me for granted but comfy shoes were more important?

No, it felt more than that, more just about him and nothing to do with me.
He was telling me that his luck had lasted till the day his shoes were ruined. That he was not worthy of another pair of shoes as fine and comfortable as the ones he had ruined. That his expectations were now low. So what does that mean he will achieve in the future, when he goes out shoe shopping. He will already have convinced himself that he won’t find a comfortable pair of shoes, that he will settle for something less and then complain about them.
Do I really want to be around someone who can’t raise their standards, who can’t think that there is better out there for them, that he is worth a bit of positive thinking.

Contrast it to me who only had £300 to buy a kingsize bed. I wanted one with 2 drawers in it, I needed bedding too and it all had to be delivered on 15 December.

I knew I could do it and I knew which shop, a really good one, I wanted to buy from. So I told myself I was worthy of such a great deal, that I  would be able to get what I wanted as I deserved to sleep in my new home in my new bed and start my new life.
Off to the shop I went and saw my ideal bed, it was in the sale and yet I still managed to get them to throw in a new set of pillows. The sales clerk went off to check on delivery and there was one slot left in that week and it was on 15th Dec, afternoon.
The sale left me with some money but not enough for the quilt and covers, till I noticed a small sign that said for today only, buy a new bed and get 50% off bedding.

I had enough 🙂

I told my friends and they agreed that by telling the universe what I wanted and how I deserved it, I attracted the opportunities that I could take.

Can I convince himself to do the same?

So here’s the tip.
Instead of saying I won’t or I can’t have ‘a new car, a comfy pair of shoes……..’
Go for some positive thinking, tell the universe instead
‘I really love these shoes and I’m looking forward to shopping and finding an even better pair’
Visualise what is so good about those shoes, what you would like more of, the shop they will be in, the great sales assistant who will help you. Feel the comfort of those shoes on your feet. Visualise the price and then go out shopping.
You may well be surprised as to what opportunities are out there for you and Yes, you are good enough to ask and receive more.

Be grateful for all you have and all you receive.

About recoveringme

Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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