What’s your favourite possession?

What’s your favourite possession and how do you treat it?
Is it your car?
Maybe your computer?
Or ipad?

Do you treat your body as well as your car?
Yet how many cars do you have in a lifetime?
Do you get your car looked at, at the first sign of a problem?

Over 3 years ago I started to feel unwell, with constant trips to the Doctors. One infection after another and blood tests till my arms were sore.

Friends were talking about me having a brain tumour or Multiple Sclerosis, yet underneath I knew it was not those but I didn’t have a clue what was wrong with me.

I was in work and trying to run a business. I would come home from work and just crawl into bed. It was not to sleep but more to ease the pain of movement. Sleep did not come, so I was even more tired, weak, moody, restless and also guilty as I knew I should be doing more – I mean we live in a world were if we are not giving 110% then we are a slacker!
The morning would see me in agony as I tried to get ready for work.
The pain meant I had no ability to think straight, my normally logical mind had disappeared. I was forgetful and the business started to suffer too as others seized opportunities that I would normally have taken.

It seemed strange that I could no longer form sentences, or even words it was as though my tongue was swollen and all down my throat so I started having to sleep sitting up to prevent me from feeling as though I was choking. Something we don’t often mention is constipation – chronic!

I was cold all the time were as before this happened I was the one walking about in t-shirts with the heating off in English winters…..
I would go through tubs of moisturisor on my feet, they became so cracked and sore that it added into the pain each morning of setting my feet onto the floor, then the skin all over my body became dry and irritated.
I was gaining weight, well the only food I could get down me was chocolate bars and fizzy drinks as they needed no preparation.
Is it any wonder I lost my sex drive too!

Whilst I was going through this and my Doctor just thought I was a demented old woman, I finally found a ray of hope. At last a blood test showed my thyroid had failed. After months of tests coming out as normal, I’d crashed.
‘Great, get me onto medication and let me have my life back’.

If only it was that easy. I was still trying to work and run the business and just felt worse. The Doctor kept running the tests and telling me to take more thyroxine (T4 the medicine of choice that solves all thyroid issues!).
For me it was the start of another nightmare. My body could not absorb the T4 and started to store it, till I became thyrotoxic. Now a whole new set of symptoms were being displayed.

Anxious, shaking, tearful, weak, exhausted, more pain, headaches and nausea. The worst was now the pain throughout my spine, leaving me crumpled.

Fortunately by this time I’d got contact with Dr Peatfield who told me to take a break from the T4 to clear out my body. It worked, within 2 weeks the toxic elements had gone from me, leaving me at starting point all over again.

I also started monitoring my daily body temperature and pule. I had a very low body temperature and a very slow pulse. Both of these are better indicators of thyroid problems than blood tests. I mean this was the diagnosis method of old and saved peoples lives before blood tests were evolved. The treatment then was pigs thyroid, ground down into a powder. Patients got the whole thyroid hormone and not just one element of it!

3 years on and how am I doing?
I was advised by my specialist to come off T4 completely and just take T3 alone, and whilst I did get some more energy it was never sustained. It did seem to help with the constipation though!

I’ve taken a leaf out of the old fashioned medicine books and I’m now onT4 and T3. It has been through the gaining of knowledge with Dr Peatfield that I have now got an endochrinologist who listens to me as a patient and even though I’ve had a 4 month set back as they got the treatment wrong, I am now getting somewhere. the evidence is here in that my body temperature has risen as has my pulse, though both are still below ‘normal’.

The missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle of good health is the adrenal gland. It takes a battering when your thyroid drops out of action and needs careful nurturing to bring it back to health before thyroid medication really starts to work. I’ve yet to really get my Doctor and Specialist on board with this one, I will keep trying.

So a word to you all, your body is an amazing piece of kit. You treat your car to correct fuel, a good service and tyres to keep you safe. You change your car when it gets old and un-realiable.
You can’t change your body, or perhaps you can by just listening to the small signs it gives you. Never taking an experts opinion as ‘total’, they can be wrong. Never give up on being better.

Respect your body as much as your ipad, car, or other loved items as you have to live with it for a lifetime. As without it, you don’t get to enjoy your ipad – car – whatever!

About recoveringme

Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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