Mind your language, it could just save your life!

Are you sabotaging your own life?
Are you acting like a monster and allowing yourself to hold you back?
Or maybe you don’t realise you are self sabotaging?
Are you so afraid of failure that you always take the easy option?

It’s only you who is stopping you from being a great success in life and achieving all you want to achieve and here is a tip to help you.

Thoughts that sabotage us, and we may not even realise we are having them, are colled limiting beliefs. These are formed in us from an early age when as a child we see, hear or feel something. It’s then captured in our head forever………

Every one of us has these thoughts it’s just that some people have realised they have them and have learned to switch of those limiting beliefs.

The thing is that we need to revisit that same bit of history and replay it now as an adult. When we look again, it can be very different.

For me, my irrational fear is moths! Those tiny little creatures that fly straight at me and I’m going to swallow it as it attacks me! How over the top is that. I was frightened as a child and carried that fear with me forever or until I looked again with adult eyes. Realised I was over the top and forgave that little girl her irrational fear.

Between the ages of 2-6 our brains are in “sponge mode” which is a theta brain wave state.
In this stage we observe everything and learn how to act and respond to the things around us. At that age we’re very impressionable and those are the years when we form opinions about things like money, health, self-confidence, and love, amongst other things that influence us for the rest of our lives.

Those are also the years that limiting beliefs are formed; beliefs that we’ll carry for years to come; beliefs that have the ability to hold us down.

You can’t change the past so forgive it and now start to focus on the future and were we want our thoughts to really be. Take time to choose your thoughts and work on changing the old thoughts into new ones.

Were do you want improvements in your life. Stop the negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. So let’s say you are having some money issues this month, ‘I can’t pay my bills’ comes into your head.
Turn it around into ‘I pay my bills in full every month’. Repeat this everyday… and then one day, it’ll be your reality.

My favourite at the moment is
‘I am accepting wonderful opportunities to work with young people’
and each day I’m aware of opportunities around me that I probably would have missed before.
It’s a bit like wondering how many red cars you see on your way home tonight, so you count them. When you get home your partner asks you, ‘how many black cars did you see on your way home?’. Your brain was not programmed to answer that question, so you missed out!

Keep working on your future and your positive thoughts, from the perspective of a forgiving adult and you will be programming yourself for success through repetition.

About recoveringme

Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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4 Responses to Mind your language, it could just save your life!

  1. Terry Morrison says:

    An interesting and worthwhile Posting, Gill, and, as always, your advice is excellent.
    I must be one of those lucky people, however, because I can remember all those ‘bad’ childhood experiences, yet have always had the capacity to tell and convince myself that they are not going to adversely affect the rest of my life. My motto regarding bad experiences is ‘we have to move on’, -and it works for me.

    • recoveringme says:

      Wonderful sentiment and a big congratulations on being able to look forward. We can’t change the past, though sometimes we need to understand why we react in the present the way we do. Look forward with your mind full of knowledge and carry on like that. Well done.

  2. Very well put friend! This awareness is not only what drives me to overcome personal hurdles, but also reinforces the responsibility I feel for how I raise my child (to build myself up while doing my part to ensure walls aren’t built around my son in the process). It is so naive for us to assume “a child of age X won’t remember this” – because since the day we are born, we start prioritizing what to remember based on the feelings we experience in a given situation.

    Great insight and truth in your article, thanks for sharing!

    • recoveringme says:

      Thanks for reading and even more thanks for responding.
      Children are our greatest asset, we need to be aware for them and yet not over protect them from life. It sounds like you are achieving a great balance. Congrats.

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