Infertility, do you eat right?

Fertility happens to both sexes and often the first point of call is to the Dr and off then for tests. There is now a growing case for us to stop and look at our diet as the first stop.

The one we probably all know is that alcohol does not help and what with it containing chemicals such as ethanol (alcohol), polyphenols (in red wine) and congeners to give the booze some taste then its no wonder our bodies have a reaction to it. Alcohol also affects your ability to store vitamins such as calcium, folate, magnesium (can’t sleep without this), vitamin B (the brain vitamin) and zinc.
Tea (stops iron uptake) and coffee with all their chemicals and caffeine also seem to have a part to play in fertility issues too.

Think about vitamin C as it is a great antioxidant. Recent studies have shown that men taking 5000 mg of vit C a day have less clumping of sperm, in fact it fell from 37% to 11%. Less clumping (agglutination) means more sperm can get through!
For women Vitamin C is a natural detox vitamin that helps get her body into the best state possible to receive sperm.

Avoid processed foods as these, though they may have added vitamins, often lack essential nutrients. Foods such as white flour and sugar also fall into this category.

Vitamin B is essential for brain development, ourselves and a babies, so make sure you have enough in your diet and at an early stage ask the Dr for a Vitamin B12 test. Low Vit B12 has been shown to be a cause of infertility in women, and should be checked out early on and especially if there is any thyroid issues in your family.

Eat foods rich in manganese such as oats, wheat germ, chesnuts, rye bread and peas as these promote oestrogen. Vitamin B6 is also involved in oestrogen metabolism, so get whole grains and green vegetables into your diet.

So be prepared before you even start for a family and if it is not succesful then get the help you need. A good diet can be a great starting both for your whole family.

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