Food that heals, does yours harm you?

Just taking time to make minor changes in your eating habits can lead to major changes in your life, health and even perhaps how long you will live.

But the question is, where do I start?
The answer is to stop and take a lesson from your actual body!

There has been a TV show recently that looks into food and how it can heal you. Whilst it is  good that they are looking at specific illnesses, I’ve noticed that quite often what suits one illness does not suit another. Take a diet to support your adrenal glands, you need protein at each meal and few carbohydrates and even less fruit as you need to maintain a balance in your body and not have sugar rushes. This diet recommends staying away from bread too.
Yet people with ME often have insomnia, I do, and the diet for this is to eat carbohydrates especially white bread, white rice and or pasta 5 hours before bedtime. There is also a recommendation to eat kiwi fruit. Another is a white bread lettuce sandwich!
So they contradict each other and I’m trying tor find my way around this by adding a kiwi fruit into my morning juice and having a small amount of carbohydrate with my evening meal. White rice or a wrap has been my limit so far.

What I have found out is that vitamin B6 is really important not only for adrenal health but also for insomnia, so I’m taking a vit B6 tablet mid evening to see if that helps. So far all these little changes are making my chance of a better nights sleep a possibility. I have a long way to go as last night I was asleep by 11pm, awake by 2, still awake at 4. Then asleep till woken by an alarm clock not reset for the ‘change in hour’ at 6am. No point in sleeping from then as it was tablet time!

Insomnia has many causes, stress being one of them. The body clock being out of synchronisation is another. It could mean that we need to get back to nature and live according to the rules that our bodies like such as dawn and dusk. So plan your bedtime routine with the idea of the sun going down and dusk arriving in your home and especially your bed room. Turn the TV and computer of at least an hour before your bed time. Start turning the lights down  lower. Relax by listening to calming music or reading a book and I don’t recommend 50 shades or a good thriller here!

Try these tips and if they work for you, let me know. Also, if you do need more help than a bit of natural medicine offers, do see your Dr.

About recoveringme

Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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