Sleeping better, is a change in diet my answer?

A little while ago I wrote about sleeping and how I was looking at the foods that we can eat to help us sleep.

The foods that seem to help are carbohydrates such as white bread and white rice. Also fruit such as bananas and kiwi fruit.
Now both of these I try to avoid as I keep to a diet that supports my adrenal function to give me as much energy as possible.

Yet I know that in life we all have to have balance
and I’m prepared to try this out!

Life is about balance, and I’m prepared to try this one out!

So if my sleep is bad then something is making it so! I observe my circadian rhythm by stopping TV and computers by 8pm, I meditate, I turn the lights down low and yet for some reason I still have really disturbed sleep. Nights were I just sit in my living room and watch the darkened world outside, feeling cold and alone and not sleepy!

My beautiful cat, actually asleep on my lap right now! This picture was when he was caught napping on my bed.

Wish I was like my cat asleep on my knee right now, able to sleep when he wants. Here is a picture of him when curled up on my bed the other day.

Wish I could cure him of his chronic liver failure. Yet I know my knowledge of vitamins has helped as my vet now helps me support him with vitamin B and milk thistle. When he visits them he gets fussed and cuddled and I think he really loves the attention!

Back to balance, so I’ve tried things and thought I’d report back in to you.

I’ve started to have a small amount of carbohydrates with my evening meal. It’s normally pasta made from rice flour or rice or perhaps a small amount of potato. The white bread, even gluten-free varieties have been a bit too much for me to try.
I’ve also started to add a kiwi fruit into my morning juice and I have another one later on in the day.
Then to make sure I have enough vitamin B6 and magnesium as these are both needed to help you get your sleep ‘chemicals’ working.
Also the little known cure of lettuce, so I add that into every meal time. Just a little on the side of the plate…..

The news is that whilst I still have disturbed nights, the actual time I am asleep has now become deep sleep. This is great news as I wake up now actually feeling as though I can face the day.

I’ll keep my little trial going and keep you informed.

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Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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1 Response to Sleeping better, is a change in diet my answer?

  1. How interesting this is about finding a solution to your sleep problem. Every so often, we seem to be told that some of the foods and drinks that we really enjoy actually turn out to be good for us! What joy! HaHa. These, to my great delight, have included red wine, and cheese, but I suppose it all comes down to the old maxim of ‘all things in moderation’. I have yet to try rice-flour pasta, but I will soon. I look forward to your next report on this sleep-problem topic. Terry

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