No makeup Tuesday! You’re beautiful without it.

Just checking out twitter and I came across this tweet

RT if you’re beautiful without makeup! #NoMakeUpTuesday

I’ve not worn makeup for a year now so can I join in a no make-up day or not?

Well not quite strictly the truth, I have put on a bit of make-up on twice in the last year, once for a wedding I went to and then for my birthday evening and on both occassions the next day I felt tired again.
Just take stock of all the chemicals you put on your body in a day, it could start with a shower gel or worse a long soak in a fragranced bath! Then a hair shampoo, conditioner and  then deodorant. Don’t forget the body lotions……Follow up with make-up and perfume or for the guys after shave. I know my partner goes through a tin of deodorant a week and walking into the bathroom after he has sprayed is like walking into an oxygen drained, toxin filled room for me! Then your clothes and have been washed and perfumed too.

So why am I taking such a stance on these products and the belief that without them I’m giving my body the best chance to be healthy?

Anatomy and Functions of the Skin
The skin is the body’s largest organ, accounting for more than 10 percent of body mass. The skin provides a number of functions including:

  • protection,
  • water preservation,
  • shock absorption,
  • tactile sensation,
  • calorie reservation,
  • vitamin D synthesis,
  • temperature control, and
  • lubrication and waterproofing.

Table from the Daily Mail article

Most beauty products only work on the top layer of your skin, so the experts say that it is not absorbed into your blood stream and that means it has no ill effects on you.
Just look at this recent extract from the Daily Mail paper and an article that claims women take in nearly 5lb of chemicals a year through beauty products.
So if beauty is only 1st layer of skin deep then using these products should not produce a health risk.

Probably true if you are totally healthy to begin with.

However when your metabolic rate slows down with illnesses such as Hypothyroidism, CFS/ME, low adrenal reserve, fibromyalgia or after surgery when you have to rest and need to be repairing your body then you are asking your already struggling body to deal with chemicals that it has never evolved a system to deal with. It’s a bit like asking a car to go on diesel when it actually wants petrol. It’s the wrong fuel, a pollutant so it won’t work at it’s best.

I feel much better living as low a chemical life as I can. Natural products for my shower, my washing machine is non bio too, my hand soap, shampoo. My toothpaste is flouride free. I choose organic food, I get it delivered and it’s not wrapped in plastic. If I have to buy from a local shop then as soon as I get it home it’s out of the plastic and washed before storing or using.
I do  experience a change in my symptoms when I do use a shower gel, put on makeup and perfume so I choose to do these very rarely.

What changes in the chemicals you use could you do easily for your own and your families benefit.

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Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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3 Responses to No makeup Tuesday! You’re beautiful without it.

  1. Russ says:

    I`ve seen the change, for better, in Gill, and believe me she does not need any makeup on. Gill is a `glowing` example of health and beauty. Gill listened to her body crying out at her to slow down, even stop what it was she was doing. Gill did this.
    When you stop and take control of your body and mind, by not leaving it on automatic pilot as we all do, you will start to see, physically and mentally, the change in yourself. Putting on tons of makeup is hiding yourself from the world, `a mask of your own fear of you` if you like.

    • recoveringme says:

      Thanks Russ for those lovely words and I quite agree about putting on a mask, there are natural beauties out there. As for you guys, well you you don’t have make-up options but will still put on a mask, if need be.
      So your point about coming off automatic pilot is very true for us all as we need to let go of the mask and take time out to listen to our bodies.

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