Little crab in a rock pool

Ever felt like you were a little fish in a big pond, then spare a thought for the crab I met today!

It was a rare English summers day, the morning had been dull and overcast and yet by late lunch time the sun was out and throwing strong rays out to anyone willing to catch them.
The tide had been high and the families had all concentrated on the small patches of beach left dry, with kids running in and out the cool sea and having a ball. One of those days you remember as a child and somehow it becomes the image of the whole summer for you – when you look back with fondness as an adult! Oh how the mind plays tricks on us.

Further along the beach there is a quiet path that leads to a hidden gem. An area of rock pools. Only a few families make it here so after the walk I was looking forward to a quiet time of reflection.

Just as I arrived I heard the tinkling of the ice cream van and realised my chance of some quiet had just gone. The area had families, groups of youngsters and some walking groups having a rest. With the pull of an ice cream van it had become a spot to go to.

I heard them first, before I saw them on the beach. Two Mum’s, 3 kids under 6.Then the picnic blankets, the baskets of picnic food, bottles of drink and happy faces screaming with delight as the ice creams were devoured.

I wondered on a little way in search of a quiet spot and found a lovely little rock pool. Still full of water from the last big tide with a little crab sheltering by the side wall, just below the waters edge.

Crab in a pool

Stuck in his pool but with everything he needed till the next tide. Water, shelter and food. All he had to do was to sit it out till the tide came in and he could get on with his life. Till then, just keep his head down and live for the moment.

Then I suddenly appeared and his little claws started pinching at the water as though he detected a threat. He was showing signs that he could beat me off and yet all I wanted was to observe nature and enjoy my moment.

The kids had finished their ice creams and it was time for a final run around the beach. The rock pools caught their eyes and in a flash and a splash, hands were in a pool near me. Grabbing, showing, laughing at the capture of a crab. Their one was dead so it was of little interest to them, so a few pulled legs off and away onto the next search.

I decided to stay and guard my little rock pool and my live crab from being found and maybe hurt.

This story tells me that

  • sometimes the big thing you fear or you feel is a threat to you, is actually a friend. Whilst the things not much bigger than you could be the things to cause you the most damage.
  • whilst keeping your head down in your rock pool, always plan for the future as you may need an escape plan.
  • the things you worry about now, may actually never come true!

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2 Responses to Little crab in a rock pool

  1. russ says:

    I enjoyed this little story. Reminds me also of the summer hols as a child, sunny days, picnics,, carefree days as a child where the most important thing to you is to find life in a rock pool before your mate and be the winner by asking where theres pools with life in. Seeing others bent over a pool stareing in for a sign of movement of life. And yet, the same scenario years later as an adult your protecting these rock pools from these same people you once were.

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