I’ve got a headache and its not a hangover!

Have you sometimes had a headache and not known why, as you’ve not had alcohol in a while!
You’ve got this niggling backache – again!
I’ve been told my cholesterol is high and I don’t want to take drugs!
You have allergies and want a cure!
I only drink water when I’m thirsty!

Then check out a book I read.

Book cover – Your bodies many cries for water.

I knew that water was good for me but never quite knew why till I read this book and started drinking more water.

Then the comments started coming in that I looked ‘younger’, ‘less wrinkled’, ‘healthier’ so I thought I should share my review of the book with you.
Your body’s many cries for water: You’re not sick; You’re thirsty. Author F Batmanghelidj
ISBN-10: 0970245882

Like most people I have made the mistake of thinking that coffee, tea, wine and fizzy drinks were water and doing me good by keeping me hydrated. I was wrong.
Our bodies are made up of 85% water. Our brain is 85% water and yet we never top up our water levels. Tea, coffee and fizzy drinks all actually contain dehydrating agents, so the more you drink of them, the more you reduce the water levels in your body. Only pure water (with a touch of sea salt) actually replenishes your body’s reserves.
Your body needs to know it has sufficient water supply or it goes into stress management. Water is then restricted around the body causes you pain and discomfort. Off you head to the Dr who gives you drugs to silence the problem. In fact you still have a water shortage in the body and the problem doesn’t go away!

Illnesses such as asthma, allergies, hypertension, peptic ulcers, arthritis, cholesterol, diabetes, depression and even dementia have been found to be helped by water therapy. So before you go to the Dr for drugs, or maybe whilst trying the drugs then try water therapy and it may help you.

I tried 1/2 pint of water- with a twist of sea salt
first thing in the morning
2 hours after breakfast
1/2 hour before lunch
2  hours after lunch
1/2 hour before evening meal
2 hours after evening meal.
At bed time, a pinch of salt on my tongue.

This regime tells your body you have enough salt and water to send around your body to maintain good health. Always check you are releasing water and not retaining it, before increasing your water uptake, you may want to check this out with your Dr.

Dr F Batmanghelidj was imprisoned in Evin Prison in Iran in 1979. He was due to be executed but was given a stay of execution to treat fellow inmates. His only medicine was water. He was released in 1982 and managed to get to America to further his research.

Just a note, as we get older our ability to notice that we are thirsty decreases and a dry mouth is actually the last sign that we are dehydrated.

So some ideas as to what he talks about;
Headaches and allergies – both can happen because our capillaries (blood vessels) constrict. So we need to open them up again. Drinking water sends that water into our  capillaries to open up and enable essential hormones and nutrients to travel around the body. Open capillaries mean less headaches and allergies.
Stress and depression, not enough water on the brain (it is 85% water), then the brain is less able to cope with stress. Dehydration causes stress and stress causes dehydration. Our body goes into fight or flight and starts to close down non essential functions and store water. This means the capillaries open up again and our cells and organs get the vital nutrients they need.
Cholesterol, is actually an essential part of our survival system. It goes wrong when it gets to thick and sticky and blocks our passageways. Keep it less sticky by drinking more water. Is it worth a try as well as the drugs the Dr recommends? Add in 2 walks a day to activate your lipase which is a hormone that burns fat and you could be on the journey to better health.
Over weight, your brain cannot tell the difference between being thirsty and hungry, guess which one we normally think we need! More water could lead to less hunger pangs and a better diet as the little bit of salt can take away the sweet food cravings.
Bad back, well 75% of your body weight is on the lower 5th vertebre in your spine. Without water to fill out the disc core and all other joints, then you suffer pain.

There is so much more in this book that makes it a good read. However here comes the warning, you can get over watered. The lungs notice it first, you may find you initially need to ‘pee’ more often, you may detox and feel worse at first. If in any doubt then have a chat with your Dr first and increase your water intake slowly.

Hope this is useful to you
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