Doctors, Blood Tests and Hope.

Sent my MP a letter complaining about the treatment that hypothyroid  patients get.

Drs stick to blood tests leaving us suffering for months whilst our endochrine system goes into down – grade. It leaves us with weakened immune systems, poor adrenal glands and destroyed thyroids. Of course it can also mean the loss of your job, your loved one as they can no longer live with lack of life.
Yes this is a totally devastating illness.

The reply from Minister of State for Care Services Paul Burstow.

‘Doctors are encouraged not to rely to heavily on blood tests but to use their clinical knowledge and an assessment of the symptoms experienced by individual patients in making a diagnosis for thyroid treatment. Doctors are free to use whatever guidance they feel is appropriate when making a diagnosis. This includes guidance published in other countries.’

I hope this helps people out there stuck with a Dr who sticks to blood tests.

I’m going to pursue this reply further and will keep you informed as to the outcome.

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