Earthing – is a walk barefoot along the beach one of your fave things?

Does that barefoot walk on the beach feel good to you? Have you tried doing the same in your garden without the sun? It will still have a great effect on your health.

Footprints on a beach

On a recent beach side holiday I started each morning with barefoot yoga out in the sunshine. I spent days on the beach walking barefoot, relaxing, swimming. It wasn’t just the benefits of all that vitamin D3 I was feeling as I had no pain and a lifted spirit, it was also the grounding. I slept better, awoke easier, had more energy to give to each day and my symptoms of ME/CFS were so much less. Was this just the holiday boost that we all get or was there more to it?

In 1791, Luigi Galvani published his discovery of bioelectricity, demonstrating that electricity was the medium by which nerve cells passed signals to the muscles.

Our body is itself primarily an electrical circuit from our brain, our thoughts and how they are transferred around our body to our muscles and heart beat. Before electricity and the invention of plastics (for our shoes) we walked barefoot or in shoes that were conducive to the earth and its power.
We benefited from earthing which stabilizes our energy, helps neutralize free radicals that can damage our cells. Walking barefoot synchronizes your internal body clock, hormonal cycles and physiological rhythms which helps your body to heal.

Now in our day to day life we are in constant contact with electricity, which is actually seen as a foreign element to our body and in reality we only introduced it into our lives in the 19th century.

The human body evolves slowly and we have yet to reach the point where the electricity in our lives becomes acceptable to the human body. A lot of us will remain sensitive to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) showing stress related responses, in my case CFS/ME and Low adrenal reserve.

We introduced plastics into our shoes that stops our earth connection, carpets in our homes, 2nd floors in our homes, office blocks with over 70 floors and we wonder why we start to show stress induced illnesses.

That walk on the beach, your garden, any where is all about grounding and releases the earths energy to help you heal. So just walk outside barefoot – 15 minutes will do and touch the earth and get health benefits that could be

  • reduce inflammation
  • reduce stress
  • help with auto immune illnesses
  • aids healing and recovery
  • improves circulation
  • improve sleep and  good sleep gives you better cortisol levels – the energy giver hormone we need to get us through the day
  • reduces jet lag.

Take the time to walk barefoot in connection with the earth and feel its benefits.
Not able to do that then there are web sites that can help with products. Here is one I have used and I have felt benefits when using their products, but have to say a walk on a Greek beach was even better.

I also have now remembered some shoes that I bought at about the time my illness started to show. They were eye catching to me and because I had funny toes I thought they would be good for me.

Beech yoga sandals

Beech yoga sandals

It’s only now that I’ve looked again and seen how popular they have become that I have looked into the science again.
They are designed to help you ground every time you wear them. The separation of the toes helps to re-align and re-balance you and your legs get a workout with each step.

I’m using mine as much as possible now and if you want some then here is a link.

Call 03302200112 (local UK call rate)

About recoveringme

Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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2 Responses to Earthing – is a walk barefoot along the beach one of your fave things?

  1. Its like you read my thoughts! You appear to understand a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I believe that you simply can do with a few p.c. to force the message house a bit, but instead of that, this is fantastic blog. An excellent read. I’ll certainly be back.

  2. Russ says:

    It’s not something I’ve ever thought about till I read this. No wonder I feel better after a walk on the beach either at home or abroad. I’m going to sort my garden out now, so I can walk on the grass every day. Thanks

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