What can you do when just Diagnosed, Divorced, Hurt, Made redundant, Retired?

Whatever is going on in your life now is the time to make a shift, make something happen. Just how do you go about making that change?

Whilst in my very early days of diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditus and ME/CFS, I was always asking for help and information. It was part of my steps to getting better

  •     Make a contract with myself
  •     That I would ask for help
  •     I would learn 
  •     I would do what it took
  •     That I needed someone to talk to
  •     Ready to move on

So I felt no shame in telling people that I had the illness ME/CFS. It is nothing to be ashamed of, though some Doctors will try to convince you otherwise. By telling people I was also asking for help…

  •      did they know anyone with a low thyroid
  •      did they know anyone with ME or CFS
  •      how did those people get better
  •      could I talk to them

I’ve never been big on asking for help, I’ve been more the giver and carer of others. This was a new thing for me, so I had to learn fast about how to ask for and then use this help.

Help and advice flooded in, it became more a task then to shift through what I had learned to find out what was right for me.

One particular ask, gave me a lot of hope and help in return. It proved to me that by asking for help, you do get the right answers.

I was chatting to two very special dance friends about my illness and I think they were surprised by my illness. I suppose I didn’t seem the type to fall for an illness that is thought of as ‘in the mind’. I knew they believed that behind the diagnosis there was something that I could do to get better. In fact they even knew someone, a long time ago, who had been so ill she was in a wheel chair but was now better. Only……they’d lost touch!
Disappointed at another lost pathway, I set about finding my answers.

Within a week my friends were in a local town and bumped into ‘the lady who had recovered – Teresa’. After years of not seeing each other, this coincidence had occurred. They were  pleased to see her and to see that she had made a great recovery. Even more amazing after 8 years of no contact they realized that they all had a mutual friend.
They told me about Teresa, it was a wonderful inspirational story and I knew that again there was hope in getting better. I asked if I could talk with her and their faces fell. They had forgotten to get contact information. Then realization dawned, they had a mutual friend.

Ask and the universe will supply.

I did meet Teresa and was amazed at her calm and centered ability to view life and the years of her illness.
I saw a woman filled with joy of living in the moment.
Who respected herself and those around her.
Caring for others and nurturing of herself.

She shared her journey with me and the new path that she was also following.

She told me about The Lightening Process.
I looked into it and felt it was not for me. I was already working on so many levels of positive reinforcement with Healing Code, EFT, Neuro – linguistic programming (NLP) that I knew I was covering that path – however it might be right for you.

It was a tiring and interesting afternoon, with someone who understood me. She saw the muscles go in my face as I grew tired, she heard the weakness in my voice as my vocal chords grew tired, she saw the yawns and the restlessness, before even I recognized them in myself.

Teresa then introduced me to Thought Field Therapy and we started a journey together.

So back to the beginning of this post.
What can you do when just Diagnosed, Divorced, Hurt, Made redundant, Retired?

Make your own contract with yourself and follow my steps.

  •     Make a contract with myself
  •     I will ask for help
  •     I will learn 
  •     I will do what I need to do
  •     I need someone to talk to
  •     I’m ready to move on

If you need help, then let me know.

   Recovering Me
  Call 03302200112 (local UK call rate)

About recoveringme

Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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1 Response to What can you do when just Diagnosed, Divorced, Hurt, Made redundant, Retired?

  1. Russ says:

    I was taught this technique by you and it has helped me through really stressful times. EFT does work, it gives you a focus. Thanks for this article.

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