Colour is our world and it can heal you too.

Ever selected your clothes because you want to be vibrant for a meeting – red, or want to calm someone down – blue.
Ever selected a food for colour, like banana, yellow for mental stimulation. Science has proven that a plate of mixed coloured foods gives you the best diet possible!
Colour is used in many healing ways, think of reiki or yoga and chakras, we even pass comments such as ‘green with envy, feeling blue, in the pink’. Colour affects our choices every day be it a strawberry mousse or a healthy green apple.

At the moment I’m going back in time to the things I was trying whilst initially diagnosed with ME. After my total crash, that left me practically housebound – or what I call ‘in my cave ‘ I retreated from the world. I could no longer be a part of all the activity around me. I know I was blessed to be able to take this time out and I feel for those who have to maintain a family/work life.

You must make time to have the space to allow your body to recover. Your body wants to recover, you have to find the way that works for you.

So, something else I tried whilst unable to actually do anything else was I looked into colour. It comes back to ‘electricity, energy and vibration’. Colour is a form of light and vibrates just like heat, sound and radio waves. You get it from being in sunlight which we need to keep spiritually, mentally and physically fit. With our indoor life style, down to even using computers to get exercise, we are missing out on these colour vibrations that have healing abilities.

Rainbow, can you spot all the colours?

There are 9 colours that we can see and each one radiates at its own level. Each one also has a connection to positive and negative aspects.

Red – vitality and energy. Avoid if angry, have flu or CFS.
Pink – good for the nervous system. Can bring on feelings of isolation & lack of self love.
Orange – creativity and good for nervous system. Aggrevates nausea, frustration and sadness.
Yellow – inspiration, good for inflamation and joints.
Green – Good for emotions and general health. Stagnation, repression and jealousy.
Turquoise – Calms, life changes, headaches. Avoid if depressed, can bring on isolation.
Purple – Dignity, respect, helps with stress. Avoid if lacking stamina or are sensitive.
White – purifies and can relieve pain. Bad when making decisions.
Black – Self sufficient, control, protection. Black can make you reject.

The chakras and the human body.

Whilst the colour spectrum has nine identified colours, chakras on the human body are shown as having 7. Each also relating to different positive and negative emotions and health issues.
If these chakras get blocked then an imbalance is created that can build up and lead to ill health.

So for me, if there was no treatment for ME/CFS then if I did some colour therapy I had nothing to lose and at least some self respect to gain as I was doing something towards my better health.

So using a colour wheel and a crystal I found my colour each morning and wore something in that colour each day. It took me an extra minute or two each morning, before I got out of bed and it did make a difference to me.

Color Chakra Chakra location Alleged function Associated system
Red First Base of the spine Grounding and Survival Gonads, kidneys, spine, sense of smell[citation needed]
Orange Second Lower abdomen, genitals Emotions, sexuality Urinary tract, circulation, reproduction[citation needed]
Yellow Third Solar plexus Power, ego Stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas[citation needed]
Green Fourth Heart Love, sense of responsibility Heart, lungs, thymus[citation needed]
Blue Fifth Throat Physical and spiritual communication Throat, ears, mouth, hands[citation needed]
Indigo Sixth Just above the center of the brow, middle of forehead Forgiveness, compassion, understanding Eye, pineal glands[citation needed]
Violet Seventh Crown of the head Connection with universal energies, transmission of ideas and information Pituitary gland, the central nervous system and the cerebral cortex[citation needed]

What this taught me was that the colours coming up most frequently were

  • red – adrenal glands and I needed energy
  • green – thyroid and heart and I needed calm
  • purple – pituitary gland and I needed to respect my body.

It helped me to focus my medical issues and gave me the areas I needed to research more.
What is so strange is that these so called alternative treatments have actually shown me, what is physically and scientifically able to be proven, wrong with my body!

Maybe ME/CFS is a ‘bucket illness’ when Drs can’t spend the time and money to help you get better.
Maybe its time to start helping yourself.

   Recovering Me
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Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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