Stress relief in just 6 minutes – The Healing Code, another way to get better.

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Went off track a bit with the last blog as I wanted to share with you a here and now happening on my recent walk with EFT as my companion.
Back to what I have tried on my road to recovery and each thing has given me the strength to get through a particular time in the illness. I’m not forgetting what I did diet wise and supplement wise, just I will try to bring it all together but as a jigsaw it all fits now!
So back to the early days, just past diagnosis and I’m working on getting better. Now able to get out of bed and then just rest, so how could I use this time well.
So far I’m using the Perrin technique to open up my lymphatic system and using electrical massagers as often as I can manage to really bring me along.
I’m also using EFT on what ever emotions I have, so instead of thinking ‘ poor me’ I’m releaving those emotions and thinking ‘why not me!’.

I knew by now that are bodies are amazing, in that it will always try to heal itself. So what stops it, it’s back to this electrical ‘buzz thing’ that EFT mentions.
I was then introduced to the Healing code, I was looking at self help and this seemed to be right for me. These are codes you use on yourself that activate a physical function built into the body that allows it to heal by helping to remove stress.
So I started to ask myself, “What stress is causing this problem and how can I eliminate it?”. I was suffering stress with my job and my business and neither of them was were I wanted to be any longer. So could stress be at the bottom of my illness.
I also knew that prolonged stress had a bad effect on your adrenal glands and I was getting to realise that I didn’t have the energy to get me through a day. Had my adrenal glands given up trying to produce the adrenaline I needed to get me through a day. I’d been stressed to long.
In America they reckon that 80% of health care funding is spent on relieving illnesses relating to stress.

The Healing Code Book

So if it offered to relieve stress and let my body heal this was something I had to try.
You rate your feelings, think of the earliest memory and then say a prayer. You then use hand movements, covering various parts of your face, whilst saying an affirmation.

Yes it seems similar to EFT and yet I used them in different ways. The Healing Code was my get up in the morning routine, whilst EFT became my here and now helper.

What they both did for me, looking back, was that they

  • helped me calm down my central nervous system
  • I was also moving my arms more and activating my lymphatic system.
  • helping me reduce my stress
  • allowing my body to heal the way it really wants to
  • giving me the feeling that I was taking control of this illness, not it taking control of me
  • it felt powerful, for the first time in ages.

All of these have helped me to recover, will The Healing Code be a tool for you to use? It could be a great way to spend 6 minutes of a day, if it does this much for you too.

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