Perrin and Me!

When you have ME or CFS you just feel so damn ill, don’t you? Your whole body aches and you feel like you are being poisoned! Your spine, neck and head are really bad and the last thing you want is for someone to touch you…. And yet that is the best thing, I found, for me. I’m not talking a massage but a trained professional in an amazing technique that will get your lymphatic system working again. So what is this system and why does it need help?

The lymphatic system runs through your whole body and with my CFS it had stopped working

The lymphatic system has many uses, without it we would swell up as excess liquid has no where to go. The lymphatic system also helps defend the body against invasion by disease-causing agents such as viruses, bacteria, or fungi. These are filtered out through lymph nodes. They fight  off infection and stop infections from spreading through the body. If this system stops working then you will feel poisoned! (Could these be the same as ME/CFS – symptoms) I was getting terrible pain in my neck & head as my left lymphatic drain seemed blocked. Instead of draining toxins away – they were going into my head. My brain hurt! I didn’t know any of this at the time, I just thought I was unwell and had a pain in the neck. I was actually having to support my head and neck with my hands. I went to see my Osteopath for help. She asked me about my health and asked to check if I could have ME/CFS, this was much more than my Doctor had mentioned. I had the test and we discussed the diagnosis on the Perrin scale of 6 but going down. I didn’t know what to do next.

She loaned me Dr Perrin’s book.
I didn’t do anything as I was too ill and too tired to read and I was trying to cope at work and with my business. I collapsed in that I mean I could no longer walk, shower or talk easily. Then the GP saw me and mentioned ‘dementia and maybe ME!’. I knew I had to do something so I struggled to read it but I got the basic idea and started my treatment course.

A great read to your better health

It is amazing the difference it makes and I added in gentle massage with machines concentrating on the lymph areas and my mid spine. I was taught exercises to do every day at home and 9 months later I still do these out of respect for my great and hard working body. You may feel that you are in too much pain to be touched, well these people are highly trained professionals and will work with you. They can teach carers to do the daily exercises on you, till you are ready to take on that role.

Will it be right for you, then check out the web site or get a copy of the book.

I benefited because of Shirley. She had been my osteopath for years and yet I never knew what other treatments she gave. She has amazing knowledge and is always listening to her patients for tips that can be shared. Through her I found other things to help me, I changed my diet and took advice on a new life style.
I’ve been blessed with her help and now it’s my turn to share. Lots more information on what else I have used to get me well and why.

Remember that ME/CFS is a very multi-layered illness and I’ve yet to find anyone that had a one stop cure. Maybe you need to be a bit more flexible and try a few options together. I hope this information starts you on your road to recovery.

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