Great food and all good for you.

Just because food is good for you doesn’t mean that it has to be tasteless or boring unless you count a lovely roast dinner boring.

Today we had a great day, bit of a lazy morning, some shopping, a visit to meet a new resident – only 8 days old!! Then a meal with friends.

Roast beef dinner with all the trimings

I decided to cook the traditional roast dinner with a pudding to follow and then I thought how do I do it gluten free so that it’s good for me too.
It’s really easy.
I use olive oil & only butter from cows fed on grain not grass to ensure I keep my omega 3 and 6 high. I can use gluten free stuffing mix with gluten free sausage meat. Then make yorkshire puddings using rice flour and tapioca. The potatoes were dry roasted with just a bit of salt added ( the body needs salt to help it use water correctly).

Pudding was pear and dark chocolate crumble with cream. The crumble was made with spelt flour, not gluten free but I’m OK when I’m wheat free.

My friends loved it all and didn’t know that they had just eaten a meal that would do them good too.
I ate the protein and the vegetables for the main course. Pudding, well OK it was a bit naughty – so everything in moderation!
So just a short note about, check the food you eat and if you can make a healthier version, then do it! – but don’t obsess.

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1 Response to Great food and all good for you.

  1. Joan George says:

    I will probably become a stuck record with this observation – You are an inspiration!!

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