What worry does to you!

I was miles away from home the other week, no posts!, and having a few days rest. The house had been left tidy, the cats in a lovely cattery and the car all fuelled up and ready to go.

The the boyfriend asks the dreaded question – ‘is your car covered for a breakdown?’. The answer ‘No!’ I mean why should it be as it’s only just 6 years old and except for the fact that he is driving it now, not me – the 1 careful lady owner, then all should be fine.

So miles away and about to venture into a city for the first time in a long time and feeling good. My energy was good, there was sunshine on my back. Lots of water to drink and a map of all the high points. I was expecting good things from this day as I progressed over another boundary, that of being in a noisy, polluting, busy, colourful city.

Then a phone call to tell me that one of my cats had been rushed to the vets as his liver was showing signs of deterioration, he was already classed as critical and this was bad news. You know that you just go into fight or flight when you get bad news and this is when your adrenals kick in with a hefty dose of adrenaline. You get the boost you need to cope with the situation, feel a bit wobbly afterwards as the adrenaline drains away and then carry on with your day. Normal person then finds their adrenals start producing more adrenaline to be stored ready for a car to beep at you or for you to run for a bus.

My adrenals don’t work like that. I’m more emotions flying all over the place, legs wobbly and not able to think straight. I have to sit down or lean on something. Sit or fall, that is the question?I think if I was in the way of a bus and needed to move quick, my adrenals wouldn’t send enough kick up the butt to make me move. I go into slo mo and want to sit down!

So it takes me ages to deal with the call, I can’t physically get there. I have to just try and get over this and I have to make the best of the day.

The day went well and we walked and talked and laughed and joked, saw the sights, walked a lot of hills and forgot all about the water. I just pushed on and on, trying to take my mind off my cat. It was a nice city with parks to stroll through and a river to walk by. I felt I’d coped well.
All to soon it was time to go back to the Hotel, a bus ride away and then that’s when the adrenaline drain took over. I went cold, weak and I had trouble thinking straight. The yawning started as I gulped for air and the tiredness hit me. Not only had the call used up all my small amount of adrenaline, but I hadn’t replaced it and was now totally drained. My poor guy had to support me off the bus and back to the hotel, I needed a walking stick and thankfully had a strong man to guide me.
Low adrenal reserve is not just about not having enough to fight or flight successfully. It’s also about not building up the reserves again! It should happen during the day and overnight as long as you are supporting your body and not keeping it under total stress all the time.

I’d made a few mistakes after that call. I walked more than normal. It was a too hot a day to be walking hills and I forgot my water. It wiped me out for that evening and the next day so we had to miss doing things we wanted to do!
Are you supporting your adrenals, check before it’s too late and you go into low reserve as it’s a long slow haul back to better health.

Take care now
     Recovering Me
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Email: info@recoveringme.co.uk

PS 2 days later we went to use the car again. The battery was flat.

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Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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