A pain in the neck.

Today I’ve been off for a treatment, or should it be called a time of indulgence for me. Which it feels like it is now however just 9 months ago this was a lifeline for me. Well after all the exertions of the long weekend I was bound to feel a bit rough. The good thing is that I know many ways to help me to find my balance between a great life and hypothyroidism, low adrenal reserve and ME!

I’ve gone back onto my diet and my yoga and it was time for my treatment. I’ll take you back a few steps here to when I knew I was unwell and the GP dismissed me…..

At that time I could not hold my head up, the pain and pressure was so severe I had to hold my head in my hands. I also had such back ache – around the bra strap area that moving was just about unbearable. I felt as though my lungs were being crushed as my spine came in, not pleasant at all. Even my voice normally powerful was down to a whisper. So having a wonderful Osteopath Shirly Kay, who has helped me through many injuries, I thought a bit of manipulation would do me good.

She was the first person to mention ME to me and talked me through how to get my Dr to listen to me. She also introduced me to The Perrin Technique.

Always a bit of a researcher, whenever I was able too I looked into what she had told me. I even bought the book. It’s all about lymphatic disturbances within the brain and muscles in people with ME/CFS and I had all the classic symptoms and was going down hill fast. I went back and said yes to the treatment programme and I’m glad I did. The first 12 sessions were weekly and the reaction I had to them was amazing as my body began to detox and open up again. It was all about early nights, lots of water and a change in my diet (I love my vegetable juice breakfast now) with relief from pain and much more mobility.  Not only did I get the help I needed I also got Shirleys years of experience and the information she gave me has lead to my recovery. Also as I’ve learned new things, I’ve shared back to her. It’s been an incredible journey as I’ve learned about hypothyroidism and it’s interaction with ME/CFS so I hope others benefit.

Today was just at the right time for me. The base of my skull was feeling sore, the bra strap area was getting painful too and my left breast had tenderness. I know it’s all my own fault but we have to push the boundaries and see where we can stretch too. It was 3 weeks from my last appointment and that has been a great progression as I’ve got better and better with my ME/CFS symptoms. Great news, I’m ready to go down to 4 weeks between my sessions and I just feel so much better.

I’ve worked hard for this as I do my Perrin massage every morning, in the shower and when on the loo. When I was first diagnosed by Shirley, then my electric back massager became my best friend as I worked many times daily on clearing out the lymphatic system.

I’ve had my indulgence in the treatment today, it will have a bit of a kick back later so I’ll go to bed early. It also reinforces in me how far I have come what I still need to maintain to get back my life.

It’s been a great day

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