Post wedding Day!

Yes, I had a great time at the wedding and today is another story.

Yesterday I really went to town on preparation. I had a lovely cooked breakfast with toast, eggs, bacon, sausages – you know ‘the works’. I didn’t have coffee, just water so I thought I was balancing.
Back home it was shower time with my fave perfumed shower gel and body lotion slathered all over. I didn’t realise just how long it has been since I even wore make up and it was a bit scary as to if I could still put it on OK. So after a few false starts and a few questions to my boyfriend ‘Am I looking OK?’, a final squirt of perfume and off we went to the Church.
Lovely service, lots of boisterous singing and in the middle of it all I remembered my pills, so quietly as I could out came the rattling pill pot. Boyfriend looking at me strangely, Brother looking to see if I’m OK. My other Brother shaking his head as he heard the rattle – I think he was hoping for more of a hip flask than a pill pot.

Then there was a big stretch of time before the Wedding meal, so needing food it was a quick dash home and some cheese on toast, to give me the protein I need to keep my adrenals going.
Then off to the do, lots of lovely champagne, not drunk just happy. Great food, naughty rich and tasty puddings and more wine. Disco with a wonderful Michael Buble Tribute act, he was good and not loud to annoy my sensitivities. A great do with a beaming Bride and Groom.

Today – this is me

This is me today!

No it’s not the drink, it’s all the things I did wrong yesterday, shall I start at the beginning, then it was the cooked breakfast and combining protein with carbohydrates. The lovely shower gel and body lotion and putting make up on, so all adding stuff onto and into my body to stress it. The rush back after the wedding as I was hungry. Eating cheese on toast again combining protein with carbohydrates. The alcohol and hotel food, all lovely but not right for me. The room full of people and their noise and energy. The disco and getting up to dance with my nieces and family. I felt great at the time and totally caught up with the lovely day and being with people I care about. So the list above of all the things I did wrong are a reminder to me that my body has been giving me many lessons over these last 9 months and telling me to clean my act up. I’ve done it too and support myself with open fresh air, good clean food and not polluting my body. My sensitivities are a blessing as I can enjoy life and beauty so much more now.

Hey we all need one day off once in a while. It’s just that for you and me the recovering could take a lot longer so weigh up your options first.

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