Nightmares and other silly signs to watch out for.

I keep saying that hypothyroidism and my being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are illnesses with many levels. You now need to recognise that you need to be patient and work through each one. At the moment I’m sitting here writing this with a large glass of water by my side, with a good pinch of salt in it. Why? Well I’m trying something else and I will report back on it as I find out what is working, or not for me, as I peel away the layers to healthy life.

Back to talking with friends and how silly symptoms can mean something……..
Since the end of the month I’ve noticed my symptoms slowly creeping back and I was chatting to a few friends who are going through the same layers of illness and they didn’t realise what these silly little signs mean!

I was laughing about how I was having to do the 3 – 4am toilet shuffle. You know what I mean, you are comfy in bed and wake up realising that you need the loo! So you lie there and hope that you will fall asleep again, only it won’t happen and the call to the loo gets stronger and stronger. For me it then means getting the feet onto the floor and the pain starting again in the ankles, not bad but just enough to let you know that they are a bit stiff and sore. Then I throw off the covers and even though its the British summer, I still have to reach for my winter housecoat as I’m struggling to keep my body temperature up. Then the shuffle begins as my ankles refuse to bend and transform into those wonderful feet that will walk a mile later on in the day.

We were all laughing as the memories were the same for all of us, so I continued with the next level…. the nightmares! I don’t know why they come but they are always the same one in a few different variations.
So OK, I’ve been married twice and my nightmares are always about my exes coming back into my life, maybe as an acquaintance, or a friend or if my B12 gets really low then I’m about to re-marry them. Now probably that would be just about as scary to me as it would be to them so that is when I know the nightmares are really warning me to get B12!
It’s weird but again it struck a chord with my friends and they started to also piece the puzzle together that they had this journey of warning about B12.

I’m yawning more too, when I shouldn’t be, like when having a great conversation with a friend and I’m having a good time, and a yawn will grow and grow just as my embarasment grows. You know with yawns, you just can’t stop them and the more you try, the more you hide, the worse it looks! Honestly, it is just another warning sign that your B12 is low.

B12 injection, prepared and ready to go.

I’ve been watching the symptoms for 3 weeks now and looking forward to today, my appointment for an injection. I’ve chatted with my Dr and she agreed that if I need it early then that’s OK, the only problem is that she forgot to put it on my records. I was refused, so now I have to wait a further 2 weeks and go into pain, forgetfulness, dry skin and all those others symptoms again. It will take me about 10 days to get better again after the injection.

I am really trying here to get some consistency in my health so that I can return to work and all of a sudden the thing you need is refused. I will work towards a resolution.

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