Rainy day and why I’m happy

Still a day to count your blessings on and be Happy.

It’s been raining hard!

I suppose that on a day like this a lot of people get a bit down and get that feeling that they are under the weather! That a good dose of sun would do you the world of good, and how right you are.

A part of my condition has been that I discovered, even though an avid fan of the sun, that I was Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) deficient. Easy to get a test at the Drs, though go on how you feel rather than if you are in the low range that is set by your country.

I loved the sun, I don’t tolerate milk, I had a decent diet  including fish, fish liver oils, and eggs and yet I was still low.

Vitamin D is about strong bones and it helps you use calcium and though it is well known for rickets it also protects you from a lot of other health issues.

Want to watch a slide show?


So I now take a daily dose of sunshine and for me that’s 5,000iu a day and do you know what I don’t mind the rain any more.  I feel happy inside knowing that my dose of sunshine is doing me good and that for some reason the pain I had from the illness has disappeared as my bones no longer ache.

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